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Friesen Group Announces Rebranding of Long-Term Care Pharmacy

REDDING, Calif, Apr. 26, 2023 -- The Friesen Group, a family-led and locally-owned company serving Northern California since 1957, today announced the rebranding of Owens long-term care pharmacy as a new brand known as Lifemed.

Under the name Lifemed, the long-term care pharmacy will continue to provide a range of clinical services at more than 200 facilities north of Sacramento, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, senior living communities, congregate care settings, and mental health facilities. Lifemed will remain under the same ownership, as a part of the Friesen Group of companies.

“We’re excited to announce the rebranding of our long-term care pharmacy. The move allows us to expand our footprint in the communities we serve, as we continue to set the standard for excellence in healthcare throughout the North State. We’ll continue to provide genuine, honest, and compassionate care to patients and their providers,” said Friesen Group CEO John Friesen.

Lifemed’s local pharmacists work alongside other providers to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, coordinated care to patients who require long-term care services. Lifemed is proud to offer expert coordination of pharmacy services to support the licensed health professionals caring for the unique needs of their residents.

Individuals in long-term care settings are often seniors and younger adults with disabilities who require long-term support. Being locally-based and locally-owned means Lifemed can continue to get these patients their prescriptions quickly, and that facilities will receive the customer service they deserve. Lifemed’s pharmacists and customer service representatives are just a phone call away, with 24/7 availability for immediate access.

As part of the transition, the Friesen Group’s medical equipment and respiratory services business, infusion services, and commercial real estate business will be established as separate brands under the names Owens, Wellscript, and J3, respectively. All four businesses remain under the same ownership and remain a part of the Friesen Group of companies.

“Keeping Lifemed as a locally-owned long-term care pharmacy under the Friesen Group umbrella means we can continue to enhance our service offerings and provide the best pharmacy services and genuine quality care to the patients and the professionals involved in their care,” said Friesen.

For more information, call 530.241.3550.